Beyond the bike shop! I focus on mountain bike suspension service but can help you with most of your repairs to keep you rolling.

At Oil Path Suspension, we can service most every popular Suspension system.  I have a vacuum bleed machine for the greater accuracy and rebuild durability.

Our workspace is outfitted with a vacuum bleed machine, nitrogen charging system for rear dampers, and a bevy of tools collected over my time as a service tech.


A little about me:   My own interests in suspension (aka riding) brought me out to CO after working in SRAM’s warranty department and learning how to diagnose and rebuild suspension. From here, I’ve only begun to see how lucky the riders out here are!  It is my turn to give back to the riding community that has given me such a great ride so far.

Email all questions, comments, concerns, cookie donations to: oilpathsuspension AT gmail.com

I have launched as of March 2018, so thank you for visiting and I hope I get to help your ride be the best it can be.

E-mail oilpathsuspension@gmail.com Hours Available to your door in the Denver area, or via mail order.
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