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Fork: $85   – Full dissassembly, inspection of internals, clean out lowers, wash exterior, replace foam rings & wiper seals, and replacement of damper & lube oil

Shock: $100  – Full dissassembly, inspection and/or replacement of internals, replacement of vital seals, reset IFP, replace damper & lube oil, and nitrogen charge

Reverb $75 –  Full disassembly, inspection, and replacement of vital seals, IFP replacement / upgrade, bleed with fresh OEM oil, recharge, reassemble.

KS Lev $25 – Replacement of entire internal cartridge, these are non-serviceable. Replacement cartridge is ~$115

Parts kits are extra!: $30-90. Older the fork, the more parts are typically recommended for proper service. Air sleeve and damper kits vary depending on model. 

I am always a phone call or email away for any other questions you have!

E-mail Hours Available to your door in the Denver area, or via mail order.
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